me at the granary -1 12-10-14Merlin Healing® is for anyone and everyone who is open to the unfolding process of clearing their emotional, physical and spiritual blocks. It can be challenging as things come to the surface to release but very liberating. If you want to be free of the chains that hold you back then this will help you.

Merlin Healing® is a powerfully transformational manifestation of healing energy as we move forward into the 21st century. The beauty of it is the simplicity of how to work with and channel this energy. Its effectiveness is shown in the results brought about by working with it, and has been shown that it can bring a life changing transformation in a very positive way.

Through doing the training you become empowered to work with the presence, intelligence and consciousness of the source of this energy, in a direct and personal way.

This energy really is a gift. It can be very beautiful yet sometimes intense, sometimes fierce and at the same time very supportive.

There are several Courses available both for own personal evolution and for training to become attuned and learning to work with the energy for healing self, others, situations, and Earth work.

Keith peppers the courses with humour, breaking the ice and maintaining a light and positive atmosphere. He rapidly puts people at ease and is open to student’s queries and questions, responding honestly and unafraid to admit when he doesn’t have the answers right away.


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