A non religious Ancient Spiritual Healing Art in Modern Times:
Bringing Freedom for Body, Mind and Spirit.


A down to Earth approach to Spirituality.

Welcome to the Merlin Healing® website.

Merlin Healing® consists of the first phase of courses as a prerequisite to what has evolved into the higher levels working with the beings of Manne Consciousness®.
The evolutionary process…. Merlin Healing® introduces the entry level courses, ‘M1 Pure Heart’ through ‘M4 Love’, working predominantly through Merlin. Manne Consciousness®, is something much greater, bringing in the more advanced levels from ‘M5 Be’ onward through this collective consciousness of highly evolved beings.

What is Merlin Healing®

Merlin Healing® is the transference of unique coded frequencies of light/energy, and Sacred Geometry, to effect positive change and transformation for self, others and situations. This energy is unique in relation to other modalities regardless of the source.

This is a healing art from the Divine being that is Merlin. He is a non-embodied, formless being who has for whatever reason chosen to work through me to bring coded frequencies of light to effect healing, positive transformation, raising consciousness, and awakening of mind, body and spirit. 
I am a conduit through which the Divine Being known as Merlin, works. I merely deliver the work as I am guided to.

There is only one Merlin who is the source of the many different frequencies of energy. Each modality has it’s own unique frequencies that are different aspects of the energies of Merlin.

Throughout this site, when talking of ‘Merlin’, I’m not referring to the Merlin of legend. It is the Divine source of the energy that is Merlin. Others have carried the ‘title’ through the ages.

How it works.

“I feel a new expansion and inner freedom. Thank you again for offering this special energy in such a simple and easy way to understand and use.”

Merlin Healing is delivered through courses, distant group sessions and one to one healing sessions, to progressively evolve your system through clearing blockages, bringing in coded frequencies of light to effect healing of mind, body and spirit, and to promote awakening.

The journey begins with the first step. Sometimes it is smooth and other times not. However I will do my best to guide you through the rough patches to bring you to a better place. Sometimes we have to walk through the storm to get to where the sun is shining. Previously being a student myself for nine years I know what it is when the ride can get rough. It’s through this and my own life experiences that I am able to help you to evolve. Having taken courses it’s up to the individual to work with the tools given in order to go forward and attain more inner freedom. However, just taking the courses themselves can be seen as a deep healing process.

My role is the give you the tools and the connection to this aspect of Merlin to allow you to help yourself.

Why would it benefit you?

“I was just thinking today how very glad I am with Merlin Healing. It has really boosted all of my life, making me so much more happy and content with life, myself, and my relations. It makes me so happy!”

There are several reasons why people may wish to work with Merlin Healing®.
To improve their quality of life, to bring inner and outer harmony and balance. If you are already on a spiritual path and wish to continue going forward and evolving then this will help you.
If you struggle with life sometimes, or even generally, then this will help you to get into a better place through clearing the energy blockages of past and current events that hinder your path.
There is no magic pill and it does take effort and intention to improve your life. It can be done though and the journey begins with the first step.

If any of the above resonates with you then read on. Merlin Healing could be the journey that sets you free to enjoy a more harmonious existence in life. As your life improves then it also affects those around you in a positive way.

About Keith.

I tend to try not to use ‘New Age’ spiritual jargon but prefer to keep it simple, down to Earth and easy to understand and work with. 
My background is that I spent most of my working life as a truck driver, driving around Europe. I was introduced to healing in 2000 following a back injury.

I started teaching in 2011 and have been working on my own learning and self-development since 2000. As a result of following my own evolutionary journey, my energy system has expanded and my spiritual consciousness has elevated to higher levels of vibrational frequency. There was a significant step forward in 2015 allowing me to Channel even more High Vibrational Beings as a collective consciousness during the course of the more advanced Courses – www.manneconsciousness.com

“Keith peppers the courses with humour, breaking the ice and maintaining a light and positive atmosphere. He rapidly puts people at ease and is open to student’s queries and questions, responding honestly and unafraid to admit when he doesn’t have the answers right away.”

Next Group Healing Session 27th July 2016 at 7pm UK time.

'Raising Your Vibration'.
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Cost to join is £10

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Merlin Healing® is not an alternative to professional medical help. If you would normally seek medical help for physical, mental or emotional issues then you should continue to do so.
Fully insured to practice and teach.
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